Multipurpose powered line source speaker

The FLEX6 loudspeaker is the only professional multipurpose audio product available worldwide on the market, useable for a variety of applications. Because of its multipurpose way of deployment, this 1.300W RMS powered speaker can be used in several ways. Put the FLEX6 on a pole, stack it and create a column array, fly it as a line array up to sixteen cabinets, put two horizontally on a pole in a sub-top combination, etc. Why would you buy different types of loudspeakers if you can do all the jobs with one multi-functional speaker? The FLEX6 is the most efficient and versatile product for all your future jobs!  

Invest in AED Audio FLEX6 and you can create all these setups by using only one single type of speaker. Supply all your rental jobs from one to 5.000 people by only investing in one system. This is the future of efficiency. AED Audio will provide you with the maximum return on investment.  



Preliminary Specifications

Multipurpose powered line source speaker
LF transducer
2x 6.5" Neodynium
HF transducer
1x 1,4" 3" voice coil Neodymium
Frequency response -6 dB
65 - 18 KHz
Frequency response -10 dB
60 - 18 KHz
Coverage angle
15° x 110° - rotatable horn
Maximum rated SPL
130 dB
Class D | 1.300W RMS - 2.600W peak
AC Power Input
100 VAC - 3,6A | 120 VAC - 3A | 240 VAC - 1,5A
Power - Rotary encoder - Selection button - 2x Level
LCD display - Rotatable multipurpose front LED indicator (power, limiter, network, off) - 3x signal LED - Network LEDs
2x XLR/F 1/4" combo - 2x XLR/M loopthrough - 1x XLR/M mixout - 2x RJ45 4x4 Dante(AES67) & Control
Extra connectivity
Multicast Bluetooth© receiver/sender - NFC
Aluminium - Wood
Black (RAL 9011)
Powder coated steel - Internal lining
Dimensions (HxWxD)
220 x 580 x 370 mm - 8.66 x 22.83 x 14.57 in
Net weight
20 kg - 44.09 lb
Internal rigging - 2x pole mount
Optional accessories
Yoke - Tote - Raincover - Vertical coupler - Rigging bumper - Dolly

Accessories for our AED Audio products are available!

FLEX6 all-in-one